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06 - Philippines

This trash can is a 360 view of the symbols that represent the Philippines’ culture. Firstly, the Bahay kubo (nipa hut), this architectural style is a type of stilt house indigenous to the Philippines, it often serves as the icon of the Filipino culture. Also, as you notice the little cross hanging at the door of the hut, this cross symbolizes the Filipino’s Christianity and beliefs.

Curious about the men carrying the hut? This represents the ‘bayanihan’ or the unity of the Filipinos. Their smiles represent their joy despite their hardship. The eagle is the national animal and is symbolic of Filipino’s bravery and strength. The Anahaw leaf portrays great victory, strength, and loyalty. The Philippines national flower, the Sampaguita flower, is used by Filipinos in religious ceremonies; it stands for purity and divinity. Mango, which is considered as the sweetest in the world, symbolizes versatility. The Water buffalo or “carabao'' symbolizes the hard work of the Filipinos. To many, it’s more than just a farmer’s helper in the field. Pearl, it epitomizes the name for the Philippines name ‘Pearl of the orient seas’ it was originally used to describe the Philippines by the spanish priest. Lastly, is the background colors that resembles the color of the Philippine Flag; blue, (patriotism and justice, red (valor and the blood spilt for freedom), and white (peace and purity), along with these flag colors are the three stars and the sun, the three stars symbolizes the three geographical regions of the Philippines; Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, while the sun represents independence and its eight rays represents the eight provinces that led the Philippine uprising against spanish rule.

Photo of Patrick Caoile

6 - Patrick Caoile

About the artist

My name is Patrick James Caoile, 19 years of age. I was born in an urban area in the Philippines. We migrated here in Canada three years ago together with my parents. I have been

doing art since I was in 8th grade. The first time that I drew on a piece of paper I already knew that I have a passion for art. To all intents and purposes, I only do art for fun, but surprisingly I got one of my works displayed in the public. The funny part of me being an artist is that I’m an

indolent person when it comes to doing art. Sometimes it will take me a month to finish a portrait. But, above all that laziness that I possess, I still managed to complete many of millions of work in progress.

Instagram: @gu_hi_t