About the Design:

05 - Ukraine

From a young age my parents encouraged me to embrace my Ukrainian Culture by enrolling me in Ukrainian dance lessons. Although I have not taken lessons in years the one thing I remember most where the elaborate costumes I would get to wear during my performances. Most of my costumes were hand embroidered by family members and I still have them to this day. These extremely colorful, bold costumes are what I decided to base my design from. Traditional Ukrainian folk outfits vary in style by region and during my time dancing I got to experience wearing many different designs however, one particularly stuck out. This particular costume was topped with a beautiful bold flower crown which can be found on the lid and top part of my garbage can. The blouse for this costume was bright white with symmetrical, intricate hand embroidery in red and black thread, something I tried to emulate on the middle section of the can. Lastly the skirt has ribbon embellishments along the bottom like the stripes found on the bottom of my can. Some of my favorite childhood memories are wearing this outfit, it was an important part of helping me connect to my extended family and culture. I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about my colors.

Photo of Alyssa Bucyk

5 - Alyssa Bucyk

About the artist

Like many when the pandemic started in mid-March Alyssa found herself out of a job with a lot more free time on her hands. Alyssa has always been a creative individual and decided to turn to art to help fill the time, spread some joy in her community, and hopefully make a little bit of pocket change. In April Alyssa started painting murals on relatives and neighbors’ fences to add a little bit of color to her community. What started out as a small project grew, and Alyssa has been busy all summer painting an assortment of colorful murals on fences, gates, sheds, garages, and now garbage cans. Alyssa has now returned to University as a full-time student pursuing a Bachelors of Education but greatly enjoyed expanding her creative passions this summer and hopes to continue mural painting, bringing more color to her community next summer.